TAWASUL Team Members


Khalid Al Haribi

Khalid Al Haribi is a social entrepreneur, political analyst, and academician. After graduating in 2000 in Political Science from West Virginia University, with a focus on Legal Studies, in 2005, Al Haribi joined the State Department as a political and economic analyst at the U.S. Embassy Muscat. In 2009, he co-founded TAWASUL. Khalid is a licensed legal translator and speaks Arabic, English, Spanish and French.

Nasra Abdulrahman

Nasra Abdulrahman is chief executive officer at TAWASUL, yet before joining the team, she gained more than ten years of experience in working with non-profit organization. She published three books, all proceeds of which were donated to charities. Abdulrahman worked as free-lance journalist on women’s issues for Oman’s Al Mar’a magazine, and had a column with Oman Observer on society-based issues. As TAWASUL’s CEO, Abdulrahman received several national, regional and international recognitions and awards.

Mireia Zamora

Mireia Zamora holds a MA in Arabic Linguistics from the University of Barcelona, and she has more than 15 years experience as a Social Worker in several Spanish organizations. For the past 3 years, Zamora has been in charge of TAWASUL business development and fundraising. She assists the Managing Director and COO in identifying new funding opportunities, drafting of prospective programmatic budgets, and determining cost effectiveness of service delivery. In addition to the above, she assesses the benefits of contracts and advises the Executive Team on programmatic design and implementation design.

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