Observatoire Méditerranéen de l’Energie (OME)


The Observatoire Méditerranéen de l’Energie was established in 1988 within the Ecole des Mines de Paris as an international research centre for energy issues and prospects in the Euro-Mediterranean region, with the support of the European Commission. In 1991 it became a non-profit association of some 30 leading energy operators in the Mediterranean countries. The Association is a centre of studies and information on energy in the Mediterranean region and a permanent meeting forum for its members and other relevant stakeholders. Since 2008, it issues a publication assessing the energy outlook for 24 Mediterranean countries and aggregates called MEP – Mediterranean Energy Perspectives. During the last 20 years, OME has worked extensively on many relevant aspects related to electricity, gas, oil, coal, renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainable development for both EU and non EU Mediterranean countries. OME has a long-standing experience in coordinating research projects as well as in organising communication and dissemination events. Over the last years, it has been partner or coordinator of some 30 EU research projects. The OME is based in Nanterre (France). Its staff is composed of economists and engineers from different Mediterranean countries. In addition, OME closely cooperates with a large network of experts in industry, universities, ministries, environmental and development agencies, international organizations.

Involvement in Sharaka

OME will participate in the following work packages:

Personnel Involved

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