Nov 182013

The EU and the GCC have sought to broaden their cooperation to a number of sectors ranging from trade to energy, environment protection and scientific research. However, huge scope remains for much closer and vigorous cooperation in the field of security, particularly in light of the common challenges lying ahead, such as energy and food security, the conflict in Syria and the fragile transition in Yemen.

Bearing these challenges in mind, the Sharaka project and its partners from Qatar University (Gulf Studies Program at the College of Arts and Science) organised a two-day event to provide the platform for a fruitful debate, during which lessons learned were exchanged between academics and scholars, officials and politicians, as well as civil society actors from the EU, the GCC and other Arab countries. The “EU-GCC Regional Security Cooperation – Lessons Learned and Future Challenges” conference took place at Qatar University on 28-29 October 2013.