Jul 272012

AFKAR 2, a conference of think tanks from the GCC, gathered on July 7 under the patronage of Tawasul (Oman) and the Salalah Tourism Festival, in the Dhhofar Governorate.  The one-day seminar aimed at strengthening the effectiveness and impact of think tanks in the GCC region, empowering the public, private and ‘third’ sectors and capitalizing on opportunities of youth participation. The morning session focused on stakeholders’ engagement and impact measurement, while the afternoon discussion revolved around the topic of “Youth participation and the Future”.

Jul 262012

The first Sharaka Commentary is now online. Silvia Colombo assesses the apparently schizophrenic response of Gulf countries to the Arab spring by discussing three dichotomies: inside vs. outside; monarchies vs. republics; and Sunnis vs. Shiites. This study provides a series of considerations on the future of the GCC in light of the diverse reactions of single Gulf countries to domestic and external uprisings.