Dec 172012

CommentaryA new Sharaka Commentary on EU-GCC trade and investment cooperation has been published. The Commentary, written by Rym Ayadi and Salim Gadi, explores current trends and future prospects of EU-GCC trade and investment patterns. The Op-Ed underscores the opportunity for engaging in a trilateral cooperation framework with the involvement of the private sector to address the root causes of unrest in the southern Mediterranean region while contributing to a renewal of bilateral EU-GCC relations.

Aug 012012
Second Sharaka commentary hot off the press!

The second Sharaka commentary is now online. Emanuela Menichetti presents the possible areas of cooperation between the EU and the GCC in terms of fighting climate change. Menichetti underlines the complementary of gas emission profiles of the two regions. She also highlights that, within the Joint Action Programme for 2010-2013, there is room for manoeuvre [...]

Jul 262012
First Sharaka Commentary just out

The first Sharaka Commentary is now online. Silvia Colombo assesses the apparently schizophrenic response of Gulf countries to the Arab spring by discussing three dichotomies: inside vs. outside; monarchies vs. republics; and Sunnis vs. Shiites. This study provides a series of considerations on the future of the GCC in light of the diverse reactions of [...]