Feb 052014
EU-GCC Cultural Relations and Representations of the Other in the Gulf Cultural Press: The Case of al-'Arabī Magazine

Sharaka Research Paper nr.7 by Edoardo Barzaghi The aim of this paper is to point out the shortcomings that affect the EU-GCC relationships at the cultural level stemming from the insufficient or flawed understanding of the EU as a geopolitical and historical entity. The paper briefly outlines the main cultural biases influencing the European perspective [...]

Jan 312014
Higher Education and Scientific Research: Overcoming the Stumbling Blocks to EU-GCC Cooperation

Sharaka Research Paper nr.6 by Ahmed Ali M. al Mukhaini This policy paper seeks to understand the factors that have inhibited significant progress in relations between the European Union (EU) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), with particular focus on higher education and scientific research (HESR). Based on informal discussions held with opinion leaders and [...]

Oct 252013
EU-GCC Trade and Investment Relations: What Prospect of an FTA between the Two Regions?

Sharaka Research Paper nr.5 by Rym Ayadi and Salim Gadi The EU and the GCC formalised their relations in 1988 with the signature of a Cooperation Agreement and the engagement in negotiations for an FTA. Despite an ambitious framework, however, political and economic relations remain limited, as evidenced by the failure to conclude the FTA. [...]